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All toastmaster members of the Association have undergone stringent training. Membership of the Association is open to graduates of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters Ltd.

The Association depends for its reputation upon the quality and integrity of its members, the relationship between members and their clients and the public, together with the pursuit of the highest possible professional standards; these standards are expressed in a Code of Ethics which Members must agree to.

The aims of the Association are:
  • to maintain the highest possible quality of Toastmaster performance for the benefit of clients and whoever we come into contact with
  • to encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience between our Members, so to enable professional development
  • to contribute positively to the wider Toastmaster profession

The Association is governed by a Constitution and managed by an Executive Committee; currently its officers are:

President: Sonal Shah
Senior Vice President: Tim Lee
Junior Vice President:  
Secretary: Charles Jeffrey-Hudson
Treasurer: Tim Lee
Committee Members: Bob Lloyd
Glenn Mayes

John Oakley
Robert Gilbert
Immediate Past President: Andrew Bigby


Matthew Adam


Your questions answered

Why should I engage a Toastmaster for my wedding?

You want your wedding day to be perfect. You may employ a professional photographer, caterers, musicians and others because you wish  to leave nothing to chance.  But for all this to run smoothly, who will coordinate the day for you? Who will greet your guests, take care of cards and gifts?  Who will warn your caterer that the photographer is running late and delaying proceedings? Who will manage the receiving line and ensure your guests are seated at the right time? Who will ensure that everyone knows when it is their turn to speak? Who will introduce them, and put them at ease? Who will tell the photographer that the cake is being cut, and to get the best shot? Who will make sure the band know when to play music for dancing and that the videographer is on hand to capture the couple's first dance?

The visual impact of your Toastmaster in full traditional regalia, resplendent in immaculate red tailcoat and white gloves, gives your guests, venue staff and other agents a reassuring point of reference. His or her friendly, calming manner will reassure everyone. Your relatives, friends and guests will not have to run around working for you but can relax, share and enjoy your special occasion. Announcements and introductions will be made in the appropriate style; formally or informally, as the occasion requires; and will be made  accurately, briefly and clearly.  Everyone will be made to feel special and comfortable.

Isn't the Best Man supposed to look after the details?

To most wedding guests, the visible signs of the difference that a Toastmaster makes show in the relatively few announcements he/she makes. This, however, is merely the 'tip of the iceberg'. Much of what a capable and experienced Toastmaster does is never apparent to the majority of guests attending a function. His/her careful planning beforehand, and discreet and unobtrusive attention to detail and close liaison throughout the day ensure that proceedings flow, apparently without effort, to a successful conclusion.

A Toastmaster is, of course, expert in procedure and etiquette, professionally trained and qualified, using a combination of tact, diplomacy and management skills to ensure the smooth running of proceedings, the more so if they involve large numbers of people.

The Best Man, however, is chosen because he is the closest friend of one (or both) of those who will marry. They have honoured him by inviting him to fulfill the role.They  want him to participate in and enjoy the big day to the full. He will almost certainly not been chosen primarily for his organisational skills or his experience in looking after the needs of the wedding party and the guests, or his knowledge and experience of the hospitality industry. He is a friend; treat him as one by not burdening him with the responsibility of ensuring the smooth running of the big day.

But the venue management has promised to see to everything...

Well, maybe. But this usually means that the head waiter or banqueting manager will attempt to fit in what a Toastmaster might otherwise do along with his/her many other duties - managing the kitchens and front of house and ensuring that the meal is correctly served; supervising the banqueting staff; perhaps at the same time acting as  duty manager at the hotel with responsibility for dealing with incidents that occur elsewhere; while possibly also managing another event hosted at the venue that day.

In addition, he/she will be working for the venue in the same way as the chef, the waiters and the bar staff. If something goes wrong his/her responsibility is to the venue, his/her employer, as much as it is to you. An independent Toastmaster, engaged by you, works for you and you alone. You can rely on him/her to deal with problems and to work diligently to ensure that the venue effectively delivers whatever it has promised.

How should I choose my Toastmaster?

Toastmasters are not formally licensed. In theory, anyone can buy a red coat and call themselves a Toastmaster. Such an individual could be good, or bad. A professional Toastmaster, however, has undergone proper training and so will hold independent credentials, as he or she should also belong to a recognised association. Check that whoever you consider engaging for your event meets these criteria; check that they hold suitable insurance, and ask to see testimonials from past clients.

To make your  choice you should, of course, speak at length with them, and meet. For a wedding you might find them at a Wedding Fair, for example. Toastmasters are individuals, so working with somebody you like and can relate to, and who suits the style of the event or function, will make  the pre-event planning easier and mean that you are  confident on the day.

What will my Toastmaster do for me?

Your Toastmaster will liaise with the venue staff and any other suppliers involved, using his/her organisational skills to ensure everything happens as it should. He/she supports and encourages all those with a part to play, instilling confidence and providing a calming influence. Having a Toastmaster means that your event should run smoothly and to time; you and your guests can relax and enjoy the event without worry. Also, you are assured of that extra touch of style, making your event or function truly memorable.

Your Toastmaster will meet with you in advance to offer advice on protocol and etiquette, provide hints and tips and agree the schedule for the day with you. This is where your Toastmaster’s experience can prove a great asset by ensuring that you have the right plan for your event.

On the day you can expect your Toastmaster to arrive at the venue early for a thorough check of all arrangements; he/she will liaise with caterers, organisers, photography and video teams, entertainers and other professionals involved to ensure all is prepared, and will continue to do so throughout the day, reworking the plan should anything unexpected occur. Throughout the day your Toastmaster will keep a watchful eye and deal discreetly with any matters that require attention.

It is a common fallacy that a Professional Toastmaster only lends pomp and formality; in fact we are simply there to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and that your event or function is successful and memorable for all the right reasons.


Welcome to the website of the Association of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters. As the name suggests, every toastmaster featured and contactable via this site is a graduate of a professional training programme that offers unparalleled standards; the sharing of knowledge and experience; and commitment to the maintenance and continual improvement of the service they'll deliver to you.

Looking for a Toastmaster?

You've come to the right place! Our Association has 66 member Toastmasters - male and female; of all ages; Christian, Muslim, Sikh or Jewish, black and white - covering the entire UK. Each has graduated from our School following intensive training in the skills and expertise of the Toastmaster. Each possesses the know-how and experience to lend their special touch to your event. No matter if it is to be formal, semi-formal, or very relaxed; each brings with them the style and panache to ensure that the day runs smoothly.

Use our Directory Search to find Toastmasters in your area, link to individuals' websites and get in touch directly. Or, if you'd rather, contact us for advice.

Why a Toastmaster for your special day?

Engage one of our members and you can be sure of special memories than only a professionally-run event will promise. Let your toastmaster take care of the 101 details that make the difference - and that you'd otherwise have to worry about. For more on exactly what we do - and the difference we can make - visit our Events page where we explain in more depth the duties and responsibilities we take on for you; and our Frequently Asked Questions page will also answer other points. but, of course, we welcome your questions, too. Do contact us.

Want to train as a Toastmaster?

All Association members have trained at the UK School of Professional Toastmasters Ltd. The course content is designed to impart knowledge, test that knowledge, practice through role play, encourage investigation and make the experience fun! To find out more, visit our Training page or visit the UK School site here.

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Training is at the very heart of the Association. We let toastmasters become members only after they have successfully completed our thorough and rigorous training course, passed the exams throughout and at the end, demonstrated competence in all aspects of knowledge, ability and performance. Our training programme has developed and improved with the guidance of experts in a number of fields, drawing on custom and tradition, which we adapt to meet the expectations of modern clients. Our toastmasters understand each client’s specific needs and provide a bespoke service.

We genuinely believe that we produce the best trained toastmasters in the UK.

As our association's name suggests, we operate our own training Toastmaster school. If you wish to train as a Toastmaster, will tell you everything that you need to know.

Through the school we also provide ongoing professional development and refresher training opportunities for our members, ensuring that each is highly competent, well trained and knowledgable.