The Association of the UK School

of Professional Toastmasters


Training is at the very heart of the Association. We let toastmasters become members only after they have successfully completed our thorough and rigorous training course, passed the exams throughout and at the end, demonstrated competence in all aspects of knowledge, ability and performance. Our training programme has developed and improved with the guidance of experts in a number of fields, drawing on custom and tradition, which we adapt to meet the expectations of modern clients. Our toastmasters understand each client’s specific needs and provide a bespoke service.

We genuinely believe that we produce the best trained toastmasters in the UK.

As our association's name suggests, we operate our own training Toastmaster school. If you wish to train as a Toastmaster, will tell you everything that you need to know.

Through the school we also provide ongoing professional development and refresher training opportunities for our members, ensuring that each is highly competent, well trained and knowledgable.

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