The Association of the UK School

of Professional Toastmasters

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Welcome to the website of the Association of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters. As the name suggests, every toastmaster featured and contactable via this site is a graduate of a professional training programme that offers unparalleled standards; the sharing of knowledge and experience; and commitment to the maintenance and continual improvement of the service they'll deliver to you.

Looking for a Toastmaster?

You've come to the right place! Our Association has 66 member Toastmasters - male and female; of all ages; Christian, Muslim, Sikh or Jewish, black and white - covering the entire UK. Each has graduated from our School following intensive training in the skills and expertise of the Toastmaster. Each possesses the know-how and experience to lend their special touch to your event. No matter if it is to be formal, semi-formal, or very relaxed; each brings with them the style and panache to ensure that the day runs smoothly.

Use our Directory Search to find Toastmasters in your area, link to individuals' websites and get in touch directly. Or, if you'd rather, contact us for advice.

Why a Toastmaster for your special day?

Engage one of our members and you can be sure of special memories than only a professionally-run event will promise. Let your toastmaster take care of the 101 details that make the difference - and that you'd otherwise have to worry about. For more on exactly what we do - and the difference we can make - visit our Events page where we explain in more depth the duties and responsibilities we take on for you; and our Frequently Asked Questions page will also answer other points. but, of course, we welcome your questions, too. Do contact us.

Want to train as a Toastmaster?

All Association members have trained at the UK School of Professional Toastmasters Ltd. The course content is designed to impart knowledge, test that knowledge, practice through role play, encourage investigation and make the experience fun! To find out more, visit our Training page or visit the UK School site here.

Find a toastmaster

Toastmaster Training

We are taking bookings for the next training course. For dates and location details, please click here.