The Association of the UK School

of Professional Toastmasters


A Toastmaster? He or she is there to make announcements and is only required when an event is formal or very large, and simply adds pomp and formality. True or false?

In fact nine-tenths of what a Toastmaster's actually does is never seen by guests: the careful planning beforehand, the attention to detail throughout the event, the close liaison with the staff at the venue and other professionals, the deft and tactful handling of any unplanned occurrence, the management of large numbers of people, the correct and proper dealings with dignitaries and VIPs... the list goes on and on. All these are part of a professional Toastmaster's duties, no matter what kind of function it may be.

Your Toastmaster's objective is to ensure that your event runs smoothly and apparently effortlessly, without you, your family, friends or guests needing to worry about anything other than enjoying it. The relationship between you and your Toastmaster ideally starts well before the event, as we advise that you include him or her in the planning process.

Although this may be the first time you have organised such an event, your Toastmaster is likely to have experience of many such events, and can advise on everything from timings to etiquette and protocol.

The specifics of your Toastmaster's duties and responsibilities at the event  will vary  according to the type of event (we  give  examples in the following sections) and according to your specific requirements. However no matter what kind of event, the role of your Toastmaster is that unique mix of advisor, organiser, linkman, diplomat, voice and "presence", which defines the modern professional Toastmaster.

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