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Banquets, Luncheons & Formal Dinners

Events where perhaps you'd most expect to see a Toastmaster. There are many touches he or she will add to every event and these include:

  • Receiving guests and directing them to the main reception

  • Receiving and directing VIPs to the President’s reception or equivalent

  • Announcing the meal and helping guests locate their places

  • Announcing and leading in procession the top table

  • Saying or announcing any prayers before the meal

  • Proposing or announcing the Loyal Toast

  • Announcing toasts and speeches

  • Assisting with presentations

  • Closing the formal proceedings and conducting out the Top Table

Of course, there's no limit to the ceremonial tasks a capable Toastmaster will undertake. And, when he or she is an expert, they will use the correct form of words at the most appropriate time.

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