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About Us

Membership of the Association is open to all Toastmasters who have successfully graduated from the UK School of Professional Toastmasters. They will have completed the training course and achieved the high standards required in the final examinations.

The reputation of the Association depends upon the quality and integrity of its members. Their relationship with clients and the public, together with the pursuit of the highest possible professional standards, are expressed in a Code of Ethics which all Members must agree to.


The aims of the Association are:

  • To maintain the highest possible quality of Toastmaster performance for the benefit of clients and whoever we come into contact with

  • To encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience between our Members, in order to enable professional development

  • To contribute positively to the wider Toastmaster profession


The Association is governed by a Constitution and managed by an Executive Committee. Currently its officers are:

  • President: Robert [Bob] Lloyd

  • Senior Vice President: Andy Bovingdon

  • Junior Vice President: Steve Oakley

  • Secretary: Oscar Brown

  • Treasurer: Timothy Lee

  • Immediate Past President: Charles Jeffery-Hudson

  • Almoner: Denis Plater

  • Committee Members: Members listed above plus Andrew Bigby, Glenn Mayes, John Oakley, Ian Wynne-Smythe


Training is at the very heart of the Association. We let Toastmasters become members only after they have successfully completed our thorough and rigorous training course, passed the exams throughout and at the end, demonstrated competence in all aspects of knowledge, ability and performance.

Our training programme has developed and improved with the guidance of experts in a number of fields, drawing on custom and tradition, which we adapt to meet the expectations of modern clients. Our Toastmasters understand each client’s specific needs and provide a bespoke service.

We genuinely believe that we produce the best trained Toastmasters in the UK.

As our association's name suggests, we operate our own training Toastmaster school. If you wish to train as a Toastmaster, our training section will tell you everything that you need to know.

Through the school we also provide ongoing professional development and refresher training opportunities for our members, ensuring that each is highly competent, well trained and knowledgeable.

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