The Association of the UK School

of Professional Toastmasters

About us

All toastmaster members of the Association have undergone stringent training. Membership of the Association is open to graduates of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters Ltd.

The Association depends for its reputation upon the quality and integrity of its members, the relationship between members and their clients and the public, together with the pursuit of the highest possible professional standards; these standards are expressed in a Code of Ethics which Members must agree to.

The aims of the Association are:
  • to maintain the highest possible quality of Toastmaster performance for the benefit of clients and whoever we come into contact with
  • to encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience between our Members, so to enable professional development
  • to contribute positively to the wider Toastmaster profession

The Association is governed by a Constitution and managed by an Executive Committee; currently its officers are:

President: Sonal Shah
Senior Vice President: Tim Lee
Junior Vice President:  
Secretary: Charles Jeffrey-Hudson
Treasurer: Tim Lee
Committee Members: Bob Lloyd
Glenn Mayes

John Oakley
Robert Gilbert
Immediate Past President: Andrew Bigby


Matthew Adam


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