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What We Do


North-West toastmaster Chris Caroe with Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle

A professional Toastmaster is much more than someone who puts on a red coat and makes announcements. He or she will have detailed knowledge of tradition, protocol and etiquette and the ability to use this knowledge to ensure that clients’ functions run smoothly.

They'll understand how to balance tradition and modern approaches, formal and informal, serious and fun, to get the atmosphere right for any event.

Professional Toastmasters manage events to ensure that everything runs as it should – they plan carefully, so that everyone knows what they should be doing, and keep an eye on things to ensure that nothing goes wrong… and if things do go a little awry, they put things back on track without any guest noticing.

Becoming a professional requires a passion and dedication to the profession, which you will have, and know-how, which we can give you.

Graduates of the UKSPT are competent and confident Toastmasters, undertaking hundreds of jobs each year.

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