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Our Training

Brian Wroe Earl of Wessex-1.jpg

Toastmaster Brian Wroe introduces HRH the Earl of Wessex

Successful graduates will have the skills to preside at:

  • Weddings (including civil, Christian, Jewish and Asian, American, Chinese, Caribbean…)

  • Birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations

  • Civic functions (including local government, lord mayors and London Boroughs)

  • Functions held by the licensed trade

  • Functions held by Round Tables and Rotary Clubs

  • Masonic Ladies’ festivals

  • State banquets

  • Law Society functions, and events held by other professional assocations

  • Corporate functions, award ceremonies, events with after dinner speakers

  • Charity fundraising balls, including auctions

  • Functions held in the City of London

  • Burns’ Nights

  • Armed Forces’ functions

But our courses are not just about being able to perform at any of these events. We provide a rounded training package that covers all topics that will help the professional Toastmaster perform their duties to the utmost ability, such as:

  • History of the Toastmaster and his/her relevance to now

  • Duties of a Toastmaster

  • Dress codes, codes of conduct

  • Dealing with the unexpected

  • Receiving lines,

  • The correct way to announce or address different people, including peers, those with awards and decorations, clergy, members of the armed forces, members of parliament, mayors, the Royal Family and their representatives, and more

  • How to undertake various traditional activities such as taking wine, passing the port, the loving cup and the ceremony of the Quaich

  • How to correctly give toasts, including the Loyal Toast and toasts to monarchs or presidents of other countries

  • Plenty of opportunities to practice, putting theory into action

We also have lots of practical advice on how to run your business including:

  • Where to buy clothing and equipment

  • Marketing opportunities, ideas, techniques and advice

  • Accountancy

  • Sample contracts and Terms & Conditions

  • Preferred stationery suppliers

  • Opportunities to meet and talk with key suppliers, such as banqueting managers and photographers

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