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Who We Are

Why train to become a Professional Toastmaster?


Graham Hunt, co-founder of the UKSPT

Noel Hampton and Graham Hunt, both experienced Toastmasters and both qualified teachers in the English education system, founded the UK School of Professional Toastmasters in 1999. The combination of Toastmaster and teaching expertise ensured the development of a sound and well constructed course designed for the instruction of Professional Toastmasters.

The rounded training that is at the heart of the school means that graduates are fully equipped to preside at a wide range of events and ceremonies. There's so much more to the role than the weddings and formal dinners that one associates most closely with the role of Toastmaster, and our training course is designed to equip new Toastmasters with the skills and knowledge to act confidently and competently at any event they may be asked to attend.

Noel and Graham have retired but the school continues to thrive: it’s now a limited company, with its own board of directors.

The school is now wholly owned by The Association of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters, a not-for-profit organisation, made up of graduates of the school.

Training Director Glenn Mayes, who first started teaching new Toastmasters alongside Graham Hunt, is in day-to-day charge, and is supported by a dedicated team of experienced Professional Toastmasters.

It is worth noting that the Association that owns the school calls itself the “Association of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters” – that is, we are the Association of the School rather than the School of the Association. This matters: it demonstrates our value and commitment to delivering the best possible training.

Robert Brown, former President of the Association of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters says :

" The School is the heart of our Association, and we are passionate about training top quality Toastmasters "

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